NRAtv host blames deadly SC police shootout on 'leftists' instead of shooter—an alleged NRA member

It’s easy to look at his unearthed Facebook page and note that he presents himself as a Vietnam veteran and gun enthusiast, as well as a longtime member of the NRA, who enjoys “shooting sports.” It’s easy to take that information, digest it, and write the Florence standoff off as another gun nut gone mad; perhaps Hopkins is an anti-government type, who believed he must protect his homestead from the overreach of a government he likely helped elect.

All of those would be easy, logical paths of reason. But the NRA doesn’t do logic, and they sure don’t do reason. So they’re blaming the Left, and they’re blaming the media.

Thus was the focus of Thursday’s episode of Stinchfield, an hourly nightmare of nonsense found exclusively on second-rate yell-network NRAtv, hosted by former NBC reporter, failed congressional candidate, and aspiring car wash mogul Grant Stinchfield. The good folks at Media Matters for America watched Stinchfield rant like a tired Alex Jones so we don’t have to, and, well, let’s just let the man’s words speak for themselves.

Putting on a badge is like putting on a target. The rich tradition of serving as a law officer has been tarnished by the media and the left. Worse than officers being shamed by leftists raging against authority, they are now all often being targeted. Brave officers in Florence, South Carolina, faced a shooter hellbent on killing them all.

Again, it would be easy to say that the “rich tradition” of working in law enforcement has been “tarnished” by an endless history of police brutality, racial profiling, and corruption, but you do you, Grantypants. 

You can watch the mind-bending clip below, if you really feel you haven’t suffered enough this week.

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