In pair of interviews Trump explains why Kelly hasn't been fired and why other Republicans are wimps

Smooth, smoother, smoothest, bigly smooth, smoothelisticaly, smoothtasticalness

As New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi was leaving the White House, Sarah Sanders was sent to bring her back for a face to face meeting with Donald Trump so that he could settle the burning question of the day—why isn’t John Kelly fired? Kelly has been reported as calling Trump every four letter word in the dictionary, urban dictionary included, and Trump has reportedly either raged at Kelly or ignored him in dozens of stories. So … why is he still there?

“General Kelly’s doing a very good job,” Trump told me. “We have a very good relationship. The White House is running very, very smoothly.”

Trump went on to tell Nuzzi that Kelly is “is doing a very good job” that “I’m very happy with him” and “we have a very good relationship” and everything, everything is good. Trump went on in a tumble of words, insisting that the economy is great, North Korea is great, General Kelly is great, Nikki Haley is great, and his poll numbers are great—especially since Trump is counting everyone who reports to be undecided as in his column.

Trump: There’s 10 percent, they think, where people don’t respond, unfortunately. I’m not sure if this is nice or not nice, but when they don’t respond, that means it’s an automatic Trump vote.

It’s neither nice nor not nice. It’s simply wrong. Trump went on bragging about rallies, which he claims have “built up our poll numbers very greatly” in between reassuring Nuzzi about his “very smooth-running organization.” Most of his conversation with the NY Mag reporter seemed to be concerned with bombarding her with the same rhetoric about “Trump accomplishments” such as authorizing pipelines that have generated no jobs (or pipelines) that he trots out at every occasion, and trying to convince her to write a favorable story about all that smoothness, and greatness. Great smoothness. Really.

And then Trump did an interview with the right-wing Washington Examiner … to explain how every other Republican was a wimp.

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