Connecticut Republican pulls out of election after being condemned for Facebook posts

There’s so much angry dumb in these short lines. The comments, revealed earlier this week, led to a condemnation from the Connecticut Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union.

“No candidates running for office, Republican or Democrat, should make vile comments and attacks regarding students who speak out on matters of public concern,” said CEA President Jeff Leake. “That is the opposite of what we teach about democracy, respect for each other and a civil society.”

Baleshiski tried to weather the bad press for about 24 hours, and then resigned. Baleshiski’s resignation from the race leaves an idiot-sized hole in the Republican Party’s election campaign. Republicans like Anne Reilly, the chair of the town committee of Berlin, located in the Hartford County district in which Baleshiski was running, aren’t too bothered by Baleshiski’s hatred. She said, “No candidate is perfect.”

No, they aren’t. That’s true. Baleshiski’s campaign manager, former Southington Republican Town Committee chair Brian Callahan, takes it further.

“He’s a little young. This was a learning lesson,” Callahan said of Baleshiski. “What’s happening to him is much like what’s happening to [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh. They’re trying to trash him. It saddens me that this is what our country has come to. It’s like a mugging.”

No, it’s more like your “young” (22-year-old) candidate spewed a bunch of ignorant hate out into the world, and he’s either “a little young” in such a way that he lacks the maturity needed to hold office, or he’s an ignorant and vile hothead who shouldn’t hold office. On the other hand, Brett Kavanaugh might have attempted to rape someone. It’s sort of like hate-filled, gun-toting apples and rapey oranges.

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