'Cornerstore Caroline': White NYC woman calls 911 on 9-year-old black boy who bumped into her

This is what a racist looks like

Another day, another racist. Today’s vile viral video comes from Flatbush, Brooklyn, where a woman dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” has been named and shamed for calling 911 after she claimed she was sexually assaulted by a little boy with a big blue backpack. That’s right: An elementary schooler was accosted by a white woman for #WearingABackpackWhileBlack.

The video, originally posted to Facebook on Wednesday, begins in front of a bodega, where two children are bawling and crying for their mommy while the woman, now identified as Teresa Sue Klein, 53, demands immediate police attention. “I want the cops here right now,” she barks at the 911 operator, as white folks who do this crap often do. “I was just sexually assaulted by a child.”

A crowd quickly gathers, and voices can be heard calling her a “pedophile,” and telling her to “go away.” 

Klein is aggressive throughout the entire video clip, telling the man recording the video, Jason Littlejohn, to “upload that to Worldstar,” referencing Worldstar HipHop, a well-known viral video site. When an unnamed young white woman attempts to flex her privilege and call her out, Klein gets in her face, dismissing her as being “young enough to be her daughter,” as though age will teach the whippersnapper that racism is where it’s at, apparently. An unnamed black man separates them. 

KleinConfrontsWhiteBystander.png Who DOES this?

It’s baffling, honestly. Watch the footage below, edited by Heavy to remove the very large amount of personal details Klein screams at the 911 dispatcher. 

NYPD did indeed arrive at the scene 17 minutes later, but no report was filed because everyone, including Klein, had left. 

The original Facebook video quickly went viral; as of this writing, it has over 4.2 million views.

Local journalist Andrew Ramos, of PIX11, got the bodega’s security footage of the incident, and uploaded it to Twitter on Thursday morning. While there does appear to be some confusion about whether or not Klein was calling herself a cop, or claiming that the mother of the nine-year-old—who absolutely did not sexually assault her—said that she was a police officer, it turns out Klein’s knee-jerk assumption—that the sobbing nine-year-old was a budding sexual predator—was way, way off.

But we all expected that, didn’t we?

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