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Elon Musk Is Wrong. The Only Way to Save City Transport Is to Share Large Vehicles With Other People.

Yesterday Wired published an article detailing Silicon Valley celebrity Elon Musk’s thoughts on public transit. What happened next is worth a closer look. Transit “sucks,” said Musk, because it puts …


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Who is DrDisrespect’s Wife? Who Did DrDisrespect Cheat on His Wife With?

Who did DrDisrespect cheat on his wife with? Who is DrDisrespect’s wife? The gaming personality came forward on social media with an admission of his own infidelity, and as a result, is taking …

Where is Ron Corning? What Happened to Ron Corning?


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The athlete’s village for the Pyeongchang Olympics is completed — check out where the Olympians will be staying during the games

The athlete’s village for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is now complete. Organizers held a ceremony on Friday to celebrate the opening of the village, which will …

The highest-paid player on every NBA team