The NRA decides that national school walkout day is the day to post an AR-15 beauty shot

One thing that the NRA is known for is a complete lack of dignity. They’re also known for their inability to empathize with people. The NRA also is known for their insecure and patronizing attitude toward people, especially young people affected by gun violence. So, the NRA is known for their complete lack of dignity, their inability to empathize with people, and their insecure patronizing attitudes towards other human beings. So today, on the day that thousands and possibly millions of students across the country are protesting the lack of meaningful gun safety laws, the NRA posts this:

Gross. There isn’t much more to say, other than … gross. As our own Meteorblades points out. The above firearm appears to be a Rock River LAR-15 R3. It definitely looks similar, and according to The Shooter’s Log blog, it’s a gun that the FBI and DEA have chosen for its heavy firepower. That being said, it could also be the American-made DPMS AR-15 TPR. Either way, both guns can do lots of damage. Like kill 17 people at a Florida high school.

One thing that both firearms have in common is that they are marketed in a very similar way to erectile disfunction medications: Lots of manly posturing, lots of referring to manly men who use these guns to be manly, and lots of “feel young again.” Probably just a coincidence.

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