Why Conor Lamb's victory should totally and completely freak out Republicans


A Democrat just flipped a House seat in a district Donald Trump won by 20 points on Tuesday night. So what? Well, there are only 119 House seats where Trump’s margin was narrower than that. Democrats now need to win just 23 to take back the House. If Republicans weren’t gnawing off their nails already, Tuesday night should have done the trick.

But don’t take my word for it …

Republican fears of midterm wipeout reignited after tough special election

“Some incumbents could lose in November who don’t even think they have races right now.”

GOPer: We’re in trouble

It bears repeating: a Republican candidate in a district Trump carried by 20 points is struggling at the finish line. To torture Frank Sinatra’s most famous lyric, if it can happen there (or in an Alabama Senate race), it can happen anywhere.

The Too-Close-To-Call Pennsylvania Race Leaves Republicans With A Lot To Worry About

This squeaker Pennsylvania race, once the results are officially called, will likely prompt Republicans to reexamine both the candidates they nominate and how they campaign ahead of November’s midterms



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