Donald Trump tweets a tax brag that's two kinds of nonsense

There he goes again: Donald Trump is tweeting about taxes and either his staff is running a little scam on him or his lies are increasingly untethered from reality:


First of all, the effects of the Republican tax scam are showing up in some people’s paychecks, but not so much in their 2017 tax returns, which is what people are going to be talking about here on tax day. Second of all … if people are talking, that’s not good news for Trump and the Republicans:

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that the tax-cut law, never broadly popular, has sagged in public esteem lately. Just 27 percent of Americans call it a good idea, down from 30 percent in January. A 36 percent plurality call it a bad idea, while the rest have no opinion.

Moreover, a majority gives thumbs-down on the plan when asked to consider its potential effects. Just 39 percent foresee a positive impact from a stronger economy, more jobs and more money in their pockets; 53 percent foresee a negative impact from higher deficits and disproportionate benefits for the wealthy and big corporations.

Most people aren’t noticing boosts in their paychecks, and taxes aren’t at the top of most people’s priorities, anyway. Taxes may be the one accomplishment Republicans have to run on in November, but that doesn’t mean it’s working for them. But hey, Wall Street is thrilled, so the dark money should keep pouring in.

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