Spotlight on Trump's personal lawyer is 'very dangerous for the president'

Michael Cohen

If at any point over the past few months you’ve said “Why is anyone paying attention to whether Donald Trump had sex with a porn star more than a decade ago when there’s so much else going on” … welcome to mid-April, when that question has led to a whole new form of jeopardy for Trump and some of the people closest to him. White House insiders and onlookers agree that the evidence seized in last week’s raid on longtime Trump personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen could mean real trouble: 

Though Cohen once said he “would take a bullet” for Trump, he is aware of the possible outcome — including potential prison time — and has expressed worry about his family, said a person who has spoken to the lawyer in recent days but is not authorized to discuss private conversations. Cohen has not been charged with anything. […]

Many in the White House view the aftershocks of the Cohen raid as potentially more threatening than Mueller’s Russia probe, fearful of what skeletons may be in the lawyer’s closets, according to five officials and outside allies who all spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

“I agree with the consensus forming that it’s very dangerous for the president, probably the most serious thing yet,” said Sol Wisenberg, a defense attorney who was a deputy independent counsel during the Starr special counsel investigation into Clinton. “Even if you shut Mueller down some way, how do you shut down the Southern District (federal court)?”

Funny how when someone is totally corrupt, nasty things scuttle out from under every rock that gets turned over. And while Trump is angry that the referral for the Cohen investigation came from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, here’s hoping this grows into something that distracts him from going after Mueller, giving him a little extra space to do his Russia investigation.

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