Picks of the Week: Our favorite stories from the Daily Kos Community

Happy birthday, Kos!!!!!

By TexMex

The DK Community salutes the guy who started it all back in 2002. Check out the comments for a trip down memory lane.

‘A federal appeals court just gave both middle fingers to Roe v. Wade!’ Here we go…

By Eyesbright

Republicans are walking America backwards, back to the days of women dying—and they don’t care.

N. Carolina hog farmers spray feces around black communities, and Florence will spread it everywhere

By Pakalolo

Pits full of pig waste will likely be upended as a result of Hurricane Florence. As in most environmental crimes, the victims of this foul side effect of the storm will be people of color and the poor.

Give Serena her respect. Please.

By JoanMar

The tennis community has tried, but they have not broken her. You cannot stop her. She will have the last laugh.

Lookit This Goddam Sign! I Mean LOOK AT IT! (25 Signs From Around the US)

By freewayblogger

Our fearless sign-making, fence-hopping hero is back with a plethora of amazing stealth signs (notable for both content AND placement) from coast to coast. 

Trust me—you should go look at that goddam sign. 

There’s a Fundamental Flaw in Our Thinking

By sfzendog

We are all in this together, like it or not—and we’ve wasted too much time focusing on individual success, while paying no mind to the collective glue which binds us to our country, and our citizens to one another.

New York Times runs an “Op-ed” far more important than anything “Anonymous”could ever tell us.

By Dartagnan

Deliberately suppressing the right of people to vote is an act so un-American that it ought to disqualify the existence of any political Party that promotes it, but here we are.

How did we get here?

The behavior of zealous partisans after disconfirmation

By Neuro Doc

Ever met an openly disappointed, former Trump supporter? Here’s why you probably never will. 

Dead SCOTUS nominee walking

By lexalexander

This in-depth analysis of this Kavanaugh circus proves two facts: 

This nomination is fatally flawed and should be pulled.

But it won’t be, and they won’t, because the GOP is nothing anymore but a continuing criminal enterprise.

Good News Roundup for Friday, September 14, 2018

By chloris creator

There’s lots of bad news out there — the Republican party is so amazingly nasty, racist, and corrupt — and Trump’s deeds will take a lot of work to undo. Take a break with this roundup of remarkable efforts and positive results of those (including ourselves) who are working so hard to save our country.

Tucker Carlson Gets Creamed By Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer, Michael Avenatti in Wild FOX News Throwdown

By News Corpse

Tucker Carlson made two promises in order to get Michael Avenatti to agree to appear on his program.

He immediately broke both of them.

Suspicions Confirmed, Woodward on Trump

By bobburnett

Two new books on Trump paint a terrifying picture of a chaotic White House in crisis. He’s not as dangerous as we think—he’s even worse.

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