Planned Parenthood goes on the offensive on abortion rights with new multi-million-dollar plan

For decades, the “pro-life” movement has methodically worked at local levels to chip away at abortion rights. In light of our new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, it appears all of their work has paid off. However, NPR reports that both sides of the abortion rights fight are gearing up, with awareness that this is far from over.

For far too long, abortion rights advocates have been on the defensive against constant attacks on abortion rights from all sides: physical violence, psychological violence, legislatively, medically, culture-wise—the list goes on. Now that may change. Planned Parenthood announced a new three-part, multi-million-dollar initiative that will work to expand abortion rights—not just defend them.

The plan “lays out how the organizations will work to ensure there is still access to abortion across the country, even if the national protections afforded by Roe v. Wade disappear.” You can view it here. The four-page document outlines three main areas: access to health care, policy, and culture change.

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