Here's how millions of Americans will be better off in the wake of this election

Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids just became one of the first two Native American women ever elected to Congress.

In the wake of 2016, we went through the bright spots that happened despite a devastating election outcome. This year, the good news is there are way too many bright spots to mention here! 


Despite being a bit overshadowed on election night due to the gaudier Senate and governor’s races, the Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives is an amazing and game-changing result. Two years ago, this victory seemed impossible, with gerrymandering and well-ensconced Republican incumbents making an impenetrable wall. But two years of hard work, great candidates, and an unpopular president achieved it!

Now Democrats can put a stop to GOP attempts to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They can secure funding increases, or at least prevent further cuts, to important social welfare programs like food stamps as well as many other government programs. And they can investigate the many, many wrong-doings of the Trump administration and bring some of this corruption into the light of day.

Democratic Trifectas

Democrats gained complete control of six state governments, including Illinois, New York, Maine, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. All of these states should be able to start passing progressive legislation that had been held up at one stage or another, including improvements to voting, Medicaid expansions, and more.

Breaking GOP Control

Democrats won governors races in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kansas and won both houses of the state legislature in New Hampshire. They also ended the supermajority in North Carolina that allowed the legislature to bypass Governor Cooper’s vetoes. In some cases, that means progressive legislation like Medicaid expansion in Kansas will pass, but it will also ensure many Republican priorities will be stopped. For example, Scott Walker had gotten approval from the Trump administration to add work requirements to Medicaid in Wisconsin just last week, which Tony Evers should now be able to stop.

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