Picks of the Week: Our favorite stories from the Daily Kos Community

Hellooooo, Community! My KosMail tells me at least two of you noticed that we took a couple weeks off from this here Saturday series. But now that the election is over, we, your beloved Daily Kos staffers, are back and ready to salute and showcase the Community stories that stuck with us this week.

And what a week it was! We have so much to celebrate. 

And y’all gave us so much content to celebrate this week, dear Community! This is the largest collection of diaries ever featured in this series, though many, if not most, are short and sweet. Quite honestly, I just couldn’t get enough of your beautiful Election Day stories—even (especially?) that one featuring ticks and testicles. 

As far as my Election Day story? I voted with a friend, who, after I dragged him to the polls for June’s primary, told me he’d probably forget to vote if it wasn’t for my nagging ways. 

I don’t feel bad about being called a nag, if it got him his voting sticker. I was struck by the diversity and youth of our poll workers this week—it was the first election, at least since I started voting (for Gore-Lieberman back in 2000!), where my precinct wasn’t staffed by lovely white folks who were old enough to be my grandparents, or even my great-grandparents. 

That little glimpse of diversity, to me, signals that Californians of all ages and backgrounds are interested in protecting our elections! We all know they’re not just in it for that sweet $175 poll worker payday.

Enjoy, as always—and be sure to give these folks a follow so you can find out what they write next.

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