Video: North Carolina woman admits 'harvesting' ballots, turning them over to Republican contractor

Reporter Joe Bruno of WSOC has been tracking down McCrae Dowless and the contractors he subsequently hired to show up at people’s homes to collect their absentee ballots and/or fill them in for voters. There is serious concern that many of these ballots never made it to election officials. Bruno tracked down the people repeatedly listed as ballot witnesses on absentee ballots, eventually landing on the front porch of Ginger Eason, who readily admitted she was “harvesting” absentee ballots. Watch this extraordinary moment:

More from Joe Bruno’s report at WSOC:

No one answered at Woody Hester’s home. James Singletary wasn’t home either and Lisa Britt doesn’t live at the address she said she did on the ballots.

Bruno then visited Ginger Eason. She told him why her name appeared so many times as a witness.

“I was helping McCrae pick up ballots,” Eason said.

Eason said Leslie McCrae Dowless, Jr. paid her $75 to $100 a week to go around and pick up finished absentee ballots.

Ginger Eason and seven others were repeatedly listed as ballot witnesses.

Five of the ballot witnesses listed the same home address, a one bedroom apartment.

The election in North Carolina’s 9th District is an absolute fraud. Not only should there be a serious criminal investigation, there should absolutely be a new election. And if that happens, as observers say it should, Republicans might be stuck with their fraudulent candidate.

Mark Harris isn’t the only North Carolina Republican to have hired McCrae Dowless to “get-out-the-vote.” In fact, he’s racked up quite the clientele list. 

According to campaign finance reports, Dowless’ first major race was in 2010, working for Harold Butch Pope’s campaign for Bladen County district attorney.

The Pope campaign paid Dowless $7,127 over the course of the year.

A majority of the payments were for “get out the vote” efforts. Pope defeated Jon David by more than 4,000 votes.

Over the next couple of years, Dowless was paid thousands of dollars for get out the vote efforts and, at times, campaign manager for eastern North Carolina candidates Wesley Meredith, Al Leonard, Ken Waddell, and William Brisson.

Dowless’ candidates have not been limited to eastern North Carolina.

He was paid $800 for “consulting fees” for Republican Charlotte City Council candidate Pete Givens. Mark Harris, a friend of Givens, did a fundraiser and campaigned for him.

Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker, also a Dowless client, deleted his Facebook page after inquiries began. Not a good look for a law enforcement officer.

This story appears to be getting larger by the minute. Will it become national news and get the attention it deserves? Election theft is damn serious business. As you can see from the tweet above, North Carolina GOP Chair Dallas Woodhouse is taking a partisan approach and alleging Democrats are trying to steal the election from Mark Harris. When this all shakes down, Republicans are going to be in serious need of top-to-bottom housecleaning. North Carolina deserves better.  

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