Picks of the Week: Our favorite stories from the Daily Kos Community

Welp. George H. W. Bush died this week. among many, many other things that happened, but his death (and the consequent tribute and pillory of him) dominated most of the news since last I popped into your feed with Picks of the Week. 

Fret not, though! This is not a list of George Bush memorials or takedowns! This is a collection of fascinating takes on the future of the party, stories jam-packed with history, and fresh takes on new research, pop culture, our hate-spewing Brillo pad of a veep, and more. 

This is a damn fine collection of your damn fine work, dear Community. I feel so lucky that I get to wade through the diaries y’all write each week. I learn so much, every time. Give these writers a follow and see what you learn from them next week and the weeks to come!

Without further adieu, here are eleven stories that stuck with we Daily Kos staffers this week. Enjoy.

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