YA Onscreen: There’s Lots More SABRINA In Our Futures

Can you hear that? Are those little reindeer paws tip-tapping on the roof? It’s almost Santa time! But while we’re waiting, here’s your weekly YA Onscreen distraction to take your mind off the fact that you still have four more people to shop for. 

This upcoming figure skating movie from Netflix sounds up FYA’s alley, plus it will star YA-movie-veteran Kaya Scodelario. 

The realm of YA is surprisingly lacking in the holiday rom-com genre. Let It Snow, an anthology helmed by John Green, is a few years old and one of the few holiday books geared towards teens. So it’s not surprising that Netflix has snatched it up to become, I assume, part of next year’s crop of movies I will watch (and likely review) because I am a glutton for punishment AKA Christmas songs played over images of people wearing sweaters while making cookies and sharing chaste kisses. 

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks will be getting a feature film biopic in the next few years, the first of its kind for her. 

The actors who play Rufus and Jiya of the Timeless gang discuss their characters’ relationship

RIP, Penny Marshall. You gave us, and were a part of, some great movies and TV

Idris Elba shows us that, YES, it IS this easy to answer the question, “What’s your take, as a male actor, on the #MeToo movement?” and reminds us why we like him. 

Someone hate-watched Love Actually and live tweeted about it. This reminds me: I should go watch Love Actually.

Here are more end-of-the-year lists:

The 10 hottest movie dads of 2018. 

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The dumbest things TV did this year. 

The 20 best movie trailers of 2018. 

L.L. McKinney’s A Blade So Black has been optioned by Lionsgate Television. And if you click the link, you’ll see the cover reveal for A Dream So Dark.

Prepare to feel old: You’ve Got Mail is TWENTY years old as of yesterday. I remember watching this on Christmas with my parents and falling in love. Hanks/Ryan are my OTP.

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this exact movie before with other actors in about a dozen different constructs, but since we do normally enjoy Maisie Williams and Asa Butterfield, let’s give this a whirl:

What’s leaving Netflix this January, sniff

The actors in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina can sleep well tonight knowing their jobs are safe for another two seasons. Netflix announced the show has been renewed through season four! 

That’s it for the week. Let us know down in the comments if you’ve heard about anything new and juicy!