Procrastination Pro-Tips: Happy 2019 Edition

Happy 2019, everyone! We’ve got a record number of WOC in Congress, ice on our northern hemisphere car windshields, and…a slow news week. 

Book Related Things

Check out Epic Reads’ Book Nerd’s Guide to San Francisco. It even includes the bookstore where I work…but FYI, don’t call it “San Fran.”

Rick Yancey warned you.

FYA fave Sarah Rees Brennan is writing a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina prequel.

Actual stalker/author Kathleen Hale has gotten another book deal…to write about stalking her reviewer victim. Not cool. 

Buzzfeed shares their favorite 2018 queer YA.

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ kidlit for January 2019.


YA Onscreen Things

The differences in Willowdean and Bo’s relationship, between the book/movie versions of Dumplin’.

Buzzfeed’s favorite 2018 book adaptations.

15 fantasy TV adaptations that Vulture is excited about.


Social Media Things

Holly Black’s Christmas decorations, are, predictably badass.





Merry Winter, my beauties.

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Awesome thread from Maureen Johnson about a bigoted Truly Devious review.

Fuck yeah, diversity in representation!

Choose your own corporate adventure:

This is excellent publishing advice. 


And, of course, cheers to a happy new year, from us!



Miscellaneous Things

This tarot + therapy Twitter account is one of my favorite 2018 finds.



That’s all for this week! Did we miss anything? Does it seem like Friday snuck up on you, too? Let us know in the comments!