YA Onscreen: I’m Digging This Movie Poster

Hello, 2019, we’re back! Well, YA Onscreen’s back. I didn’t really go anywhere, but I did take a few weeks off because of some uber-slow news weeks. But the holidays are behind us now, and the entertainment business is picking up once again. Let’s hit the links!

First up, the reboot Roswell, New Mexico is trying hard to pique our interest with multiple trailers and a documentary about the real Roswell. It airs next week(!) on January 15.

The new Game of Thrones spin-off cast features a lot of young unknowns and a few you may recognize from Fantastic Beasts. Do you think you’ll watch this show? I’m ambivalent now, but who are we kidding…I probably will. 

The CW has finally, officially, ordered a Batwoman pilot

Surprise hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse may also be turned into a TV show at some point. 

Netflix released the trailer for Carmen Sandiego, and it starts off with Carmen’s origin story:

Luke Wilson will be joining an upcoming DC Universe TV show called Stargirl. He’ll play the main character’s step-father who also happens to be a retired superhero

Amy Heckerling discusses the music of the Broadway musical version of Clueless. I had no idea she took real ‘90s songs to incorporate into the play (and, in some cases, reworked the lyrics to fit the plot). How does this work without being cheesy? *runs off to YouTube to find clips of the show*

If you are missing October and scary movies, here are 11 Netflix movies similar to Bird Box to keep you freaked out all year long. 

We’ve been graced with a special look at Captain Marvel. Prepare yourselves for a new one of these every week, where they repurpose the same clips but interject five more seconds of new material, until the movie premieres in March.

And after that, check out this profile of Anna Boden, the co-director of Captain Marvel and Marvel’s first-ever female director (woot, Anna!).

Joanne Proulx’s YA novel from 2007, Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet, is being adapted into an indie film (renamed Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, lest you go to the movies and get tricked into seeing a movie about a teenager) starring Cameron Monaghan: 

That’s it for the week! Let us know what you’ve heard through the internet entertainment grapevine below.