YA Onscreen: TOY STORY 4’s Bo Peep Is A Badass

It’s the last YA Onscreen of January! Where did January go, friends? How are we almost into February?! While we ponder how time seems to be moving faster, let’s peruse some entertainment-y goodness.

Anne Hathaway keeps all of our Princess Diaries 3 dreams alive, though one of my burning questions is about Chris Pine’s place in all of this. Inquiring minds and all that. 

I feel it’s my duty to mention that while you may get a bit of a tingle because Zac Efron is featured in this trailer:

Keep in mind that what you are (and should be) lusting over is Zac Efron, NOT Ted Bundy, serial killer of woman. Netflix is apparently quite concerned about the population of people who watch things like their Ted Bundy documentary, or season one of You, and wish there were more men like that in their lives. Oh, honey, no. 

We already touched last week upon a few of these new pilots, but I don’t believe we knew about the Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene. Interesting! 

10 of the stupidest ways characters were killed off in a TV show, some of which still annoy me to this day:

Did someone at Supernatural make a deal with the devil for 300 episodes? Because they’re coming up on it, and it will feature an emotional reunion with (damn sexy) Papa Winchester. 

It’s nice to see Bo Peep (hopefully) getting a larger role in the Toy Story franchise:

An oral history about that dance scene from She’s All That—you know the one. 

Just in time for Black History Month and Oscar buzz month, Black Panther is coming back to the big screen for a limited free run at participating AMC Theaters. 

Fox’s Rent Live! wasn’t exactly live and had the lowest viewership of any of the televised musicals of the last few years, but was it worse than Christopher Walken as Captain Hook? Review the highs and lows and then make your own judgments with this handy ranked list

We’re in for another Droughtlander, but here’s some tidbits from the book they could pull for season 5 to quench your thirst. 

Tyler Alvarez is joining the Veronica Mars limited series on Hulu as part of a biker gang that runs afoul of Miss Mars herself. 

Supergirl‘s Nicole Maines explains how her character’s transgender identity relates to her superpowers (she’ll suit up in February 17’s episode). 

Resident Evil, a franchise that is no stranger to perpetuating itself, will become a scripted drama over at Netflix in the near future. 

It’s that time again: pilot season time! Keep this link to stay abreast of all the new shows coming our way this year. 

That’s it for this week. Let us know what you’ve heard in the comments below!