Teen Queen Madness: YM, Round One

Welcome back to Teen Queen Madness! I’ll be your host for the YM bracket (which is actually the only teen magazine I ever subscribed to in the 90s). 

First, let’s check out our interactive bracket:

(1) Emma Watson vs. (16) Amandla Stenberg

How do you prefer your activists: witchy or human?

(8) Lucy Hale vs. (9) Rachael Leigh Cook

Pretty little liar, or a stupid bet? (AM I A STUPID BET?) Lucy’s PLL outfits could rival anything in She’s All That.

(5) Gabrielle Union vs. (12) Larisa Oleynik

Not only has Gabrielle Union starred in some of my favorite 90s teen movies, but I’m pretty sure she’s a vampire, so I’d be scared to vote against her. On the other hand, Larisa has a place in my heart from her Alex Mack days. What’s a gal to do?

(4) Amanda Bynes vs. (13) Alyssa Milano

Amanda’s always had perfect comedic timing, but Alyssa’s the Boss. What do you think?

(6) Leighton Meester vs. (11) Alexis Bledel

THIS IS UNFAIR. We’re supposed to choose between Blair Waldorf and Rory Gilmore? This is like choosing which kidney I’d like to keep.

(3) Britney Spears vs. (14) Tiffany

Oh baby baby…how will you vote? Let us know if you think you need to be alone now.

(7) Mandy Moore vs. (10) Reese Witherspoon

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mandy Moore and I’d miss her (like candy) if she left the tournament this early, but when it comes to this matchup, my loyalty lies with Reese.

(2) Kristen Stewart vs. (15) Mayim Bialik

I’m sure Mayim is nice, but no one captures angst like Kristen Stewart.

Get out the vote, friends, and check back tomorrow and Thursday for the next brackets. We’ll announce the winners on Sunday!