Teen Queen Madness: CosmoGirl, Round Two

As a numbers person, I nerdily love it when the higher seeds advance because YAY MATH. But upsets like America Ferrera beating Nina Dobrev are WHY. WE. PLAY. THE. GAME. So which CosmoGirl queens will make it through to next week?

Let’s take a look at the bracket:

And now onto our queens’ most iconic teen roles (which I’m sure some of y’all will disagree with what I ended up choosing)!

(1) Molly Ringwald vs. (8) Anne Hathaway


So many options to choose from, but confession: I’m not entirely sure if I’ve actually watched Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink? Like, I’ve encountered them enough (esp. on this very site) that I could tell you what happens, but I cannot definitively say that I’ve see any of her John Hughes movies except for The Breakfast Club. Plus, it’s the only film without either an Asian caricature or Duckie. ERGO.


The Princess Diaries made Anne an instant star, but her charming and endearing performance made the movie. How else could a relative unknown have carried a movie opposite Julie Mothercussin’ Andrews without being a queen in her own right?

Molly Ringwald or Anne Hathaway?


(5) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen vs. (4) Emma Stone


OK YES, if you were to ask most people about MK&A’s most iconic role, they would cite Full House. But for Ladies of a Certain Age who grew up with their direct-to-home-video empire, I’m going to go with the masterpiece Passport to Paris, the first time their characters were canonically teenagers and also the film that gave us FYA Fave, Ethan Peck. See that GIF up there? Mary-Kate’s hair! The shoulder messenger bags! And in Paris! I WANTED IT ALL.


Emma had girlfriend supporting roles in teenish fare like Superbad and Zombieland, but she had the spotlight all to herself in Easy A — and she shone. (Shone like a pocket, pocketful of sunshine, OH oh oh oh.) (Hopefully my insistence of earworming at every opportunity won’t sway you to vote against Emma to get me to stop; I just can’t think of that movie without remembering that song. And I WILL NEVER STOP.)

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen or Emma Stone?


(6) Melissa Joan Hart vs. (3) Hilary Duff


Real ones remember MJH from Clarissa Explains It All. (I do not, because Nickelodeon was only available in Canada back then if you had a giant satellite dish.) But Sabrina introduced her to a wider audience and cemented her status as a teenage witch queen.


Hilary has some solid runner-up iconic roles with Cadet Kelly and A Cinderella Story, but I’d say it’s a toss-up between Lizzie McGuire and her music career. On the one hand, the show spawned a theatrical film and so much merch that it was basically printing money. And on the other, her music was used as the theme song for the most important teen reality show of our time, Laguna Beach. (Then there was her role in her misguided feud with Lindsay Lohan, because absolutely nobody should be fighting over Aaron Carter at any point for any reason.) Suffice to say, Hilary Duff was EVERYWHERE during her reign. 

Melissa Joan Hart or Hilary Duff?


(10) America Ferrera vs. (2) Claire Danes


America’s teen-adjacent Ugly Betty is arguably more iconic, but she’s still forever Carmen from SIsterhood of the Traveling Pants, a role so enduring that a third film is in the works (!!!) and so endearing that the IRL SIsterhood are still BFFs fourteen years later, BRB SOBBING.


Ending this post how it began, with another controversial confession. I honestly can’t remember if I finished My So-Called Life or not? I for sure started it, but I may have given up somwhere in the middle. So for me, Claire’s teen legacy is the doomed love of horny teenagers who had only known each other for five days, and also the perils of choosing Leonardo DiCaprio over Paul Rudd. 

America Ferrera or Claire Danes?


Polls close this Saturday at 11:59pm Central, with results posted on Sunday. So which matchup has you most conflicted? Let us know in the comments below!