As Trump prepares to veto bill overriding his emergency act, the House should prepare to do it again

At 3:30 ET, Donald Trump is scheduled to waddle forth, produce his cadre of “angel moms” from wherever he keeps them between Rose Garden events, and sign the first veto since he began occupying the White House. There’s very little doubt that he will. And equally little doubt that it will come with more of the kind of “invasion” language that appeared in other statements in the last 24 hours. 

It’s unlikely that enough votes can be mustered in the House or Senate, so Trump probably thinks his scrawl means it’s all over but the court case. He’s wrong.

As soon as Trump vetoes this bill, there is something that Nancy Pelosi can do — pass an identical bill. There are no limits in the National Emergency Act on how often this can be pushed onto Trump’s desk. There is also no option in the Senate for them to be quashed without a vote. So Democrats in the House can pass another bill, and it will go back to the Senate, where Republican Senators will be forced to vote on it again. And then Trump — and whoever pays for transportation and appearance fees for his gallery — can go through their motions on the White House lawn a second time.

Maybe that bill won’t get two thirds either. But maybe the one after that would. Or the one after that. And if they don’t, they would still force Republicans to either sign on to Trump’s unconstitutional power grab, or … agree that it’s an unconstitutional power grab.

It’s extremely likely that the courts will come along to stop Trump’s multi-billion dollar theft. But until they do, Pelosi can keep making them vote on this. Again. And again.

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