Republican tax overhaul still a flop with taxpayers, poll finds

Republicans being excited about their unpopular tax law.

Republicans—and especially Donald Trump—kept telling us to wait and see: People were really gonna love their tax overhaul any day now. It’s still not happening. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that just 21 percent of people think they’ll be paying less income tax this year.

By contrast, 29 percent said they expected to pay more, while 27 percent said it wouldn’t make much difference, and 24 percent weren’t sure. Republicans had a rosier view of the tax law than other people polled, with 33 percent saying they would pay less and 17 percent saying they’d pay more. The question is whether that’s because Republicans are delusional or because congressional Republicans wrote the law to help their people—it’s certainly true that the law targets taxpayers in some blue states by limiting the state and local tax deduction.

The Trump administration, via the Treasury Department, continues to insist that everything is wonderful and almost no one will pay more taxes. 

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