Trump melts down after reports that redacted Mueller report will be released Thursday

How many times has he done this. How many times has he insisted that Russian interference was a ‘hoax’, despite the entire U.S. intelligence community telling him otherwise.

It seems to have taken approximately zero minutes from the time television sets began reporting that a much-redacted version of the Mueller report would soon be arriving to the time Donald Trump launched into yet another freakout about the report that supposedly “totally exonerates” the White House stain and his offspring. This includes declaring each of his perceived accusers to be secret Democrats, yet another seeming denial that Russia took any election-related actions at all, and all the rest of Trump’s usual conspiracy theorizing.

Feverish rantings about conspiracies of “Dirty Cops” and the deep state? That does still not sound like a man expecting “exoneration” from the report that he continues to insist “exonerates” him.

Again, it is not normal for a sitting president to be publicly declaring that his own government is out to get him. It is not normal for a president to ignore, completely, a sophisticated and successful foreign attack on the United States because acknowledging it would Make Him Feel Bad. Calling it a “hoax” is doing real and substantive damage to the nation; declaring that all those tasked with investigating it are “Trump Haters” is, to use the technical term, batshit insane.

The man is not well. He continues to harm the nation with every burping accusation. And his staff and party continue to assist him.

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