Who is Julián Castro? 5 facts about the Texan who wants to decriminalize crossing the border

Want to find the opposite of President Donald Trump? Look no further than Julián Castro. Castro stands opposite of Trump on just about every issue, with perhaps the biggest difference resting on immigration. Though given that Trump’s policies are inarguably heartless and incoherent, that isn’t too hard to do. 

Castro, who is a former mayor of San Antonio and was the U.S. Housing and Urban Development secretary under former President Barack Obama, doesn’t waste a lot of time dissing Trump. Instead, he puts his emphasis on his comprehensive ideas on how to help the country.

Castro doesn’t have the name recognition that many in the race do, which could be for a number of reasons; he’s among the youngest to enter the race, and he’s entered in a race of 18 candidates. He is the only Latinx Democrat going for the nomination.

1. He has an incredible and comprehensive plan for immigration reform

At this point, Castro has one of the most detailed immigration proposals of all the Democrats running for the nomination. And Castro’s ideas are no joke. He wants to decriminalize “unauthorized” border crossings, which means they’d be regarded as civil offenses.

He also wants to provide Dreamers with a path to citizenship, as well as other undocumented immigrants. Oh, and for-profit detention centers and prisons? He wants to end those, too.

This point needs to be repeated: He wants to make unauthorized border crossings a civil offense, not a criminal one. This is a huge deal for immigration reform. 

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