Making Daenerys a ‘Mad Queen’ on ‘Game of Thrones’ is the culmination of every demeaning sexist trope over the show’s 8 seasons

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones” season eight, episode five, “The Bells.” On the penultimate episode of the HBO series, Daenerys Targaryen decided to ignore the Lannister army’s surrender and mercilessly destroy King’s Landing. Although Dany’s character has been surrounded by the “Mad Queen” theory for some time, her ultimate and sudden descent into madness ran disturbingly parallel to a variety of sexist tropes.  By turning the final season’s climactic episode into “Mad Queen vs. Mad Queen,” showrunners played directly into misogynistic criticisms they’ve been facing for years. Visit for more stories.

On the penultimate episode of HBO’s “Game

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