IZOMBIE 5×07: Filleted to Rest

Previously, on iZombie: Blaine gets out of jail on bail, Don E.—with the help of Mr. Boss—tries to take over Seattle’s brain trade, and a really bad episode makes very little sense.

Grey Matters

The case of the week involved the death of the head chef of Le Dome, who was an awful woman. She caught the bus boy, Jerry, eating brain scraps and threatened to out him to his parents, who were both C.H.I.C.S. members, so he killed her with a pork loin.

In good deeds of the week, Ravi helped Charlie, his connection at the CDC, and her twin sister, Lyla, reconnect, and Renegade’s organization helped her get out of Seattle. And Clive tries to keep Michelle, who’s filling in for Clive while he’s filling in for Dale, out of harm’s way, but when she’s hit by a puck while investigating a case, he goes to her at the hospital. She tells him that he’s not her baby daddy, but he’s the kind of guy every woman would want to be.

Elsewhere in Seattle, a squad of Fillmore Graves soldiers guarding the freezer prison are killed, and a group Chase Graves’ supporters stolen, including Enzo. The new, creepy, metal skull-sporting maybe Big Bad was behind it, and Justin was the traitor; Major kills him when he tries to get away.

And Liv, who saw her mom at the hospital while Clive was checking on Michelle and found out her father’s real name, turns up at the door of Martin Roberts (her real dad) … and he’s Mr. Metal Skull.

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Brain Melt

– Oh, no, Justin!

– Damn, Major. That was ruthless.

– Oh shizz! Liv’s real dad is Mr. Metal Skull!

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Ravi. What a freaking sweetheart. I love that he wore Lyla down until she gave in. (All for a good reason, mind you.)

Loser: Liv. I don’t know if I like where meeting her real dad will head.

Words With a Bite

“Beanpole Bob. Sounds like the Little Rascal that got left on the cutting room floor.”—Liv

“Based on the bruise, something about the width of French bread.”—Ravi
“We don’t need to have a motif here.”—Clive
“You asked.”—Ravi
“Fine. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for menacing bread.”—Clive

“It’s still my wife’s office. If she’s got a thing for my lustrous brown eyes, well, who can blame her.”—Clive

“The pork loin was the murder weapon!”—Liv

“I was perfectly happy. Now Ryan Gosling is ruined for me.”—Lyla

“Body cams?”—Liv
“Oh yeah. We’ll pick up popcorn on the way back to the station.”—Clive

“You’re a good guy, but the wrong guy for bad times.”—Justin

Picking Your Brain

– What’s Mr. Metal Skull’s endgame? Is he Beanpole Bob?

– Who kidnapped General Mills’s daughter?

– Are Liv and Major going to end up together in the end? Or are they better as friends?

– What kind of brain would you most like to eat if you were a zombie?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Death of a Car Salesman” Looks like Ravi and Liv will be taking it to a ridiculous level, and, honestly, I’m here for it.


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