Trump makes it clear he can't speak under oath because he just can't stop lying

Lying is what Donald Trump does. He might make it through a morning without a Big Mac, but he can’t make it through a sentence without a genuine whopper. And in his ABC interview Thursday, Trump admitted straight up that that’s why he didn’t want to answer questions for Robert Mueller.

“If you answer these questions to me now,” asked host George Stephanopoulos, “why not answer them to Robert Mueller under oath?”

“Because they were looking to get us for lies or slight misstatements,” replied Trump. “I looked at what happened to people, and it was very unfair. Very, very unfair. Very unfair.”

Trump could not have laid it out more neatly: It’s just dandy to lie to the public and the press because … what are they going to do about it? But lying under oath has consequences. So he won’t speak under oath. After all, what’s his other option? Tell the truth? Please.

It’s okay to lie to people, because there are no consequences. It’s okay to take information from foreign governments, because there are no consequences. It’s all okay, so long as there are no morals to worry about.

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