Trump says White House counsel Don McGahn was 'confused' and lied to 'look like a good lawyer'

Tell me again why I’m putting myself on the line for this guy.

On Thursday, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with George Stephanopoulos at ABC News. In the interview, former White House counsel Don McGahn got an example of what it’s like to work for the nation’s most famous sociopath: Everyone is just one step away from being the next Michael Cohen. You’re  a hero when Trump needs you. Then you’re a bum.

McGahn made the crossover into bumhood when Stephanopoulos questioned Trump about his former attorney’s testimony to Robert Mueller’s office. McGahn testified that Trump had, on multiple occasions, tried to get him to fire the special counsel. Trump has since denied the statements and even called McGahn a liar. However, when McGahn was called on to testify before the House, he decided to obey a directive from Trump to ignore a congressional subpoena, earning himself a civil contempt of Congress citation in the process. 

In his last appearance, McGahn seemed secure in his support from Trump and determined to follow orders, but … there was a day when Michael Cohen was “a personal friend” and “a great guy” who Trump “always liked and respected.” That day came about two weeks before Cohen was “Mr. Cohen, an attorney” who was just one of many employed by Trump. Except he didn’t really work for Trump; he was just given an occasional task. And Trump wouldn’t recommend him because he was a terrible lawyer. And … then he was “a rat” who “broke” and deserved much more time in prison than he received.

On Thursday, Trump said that McGahn “may have been confused” when he talked to Mueller’s team about Trump’s efforts to end the investigation. “The story on that very simply, number one, I was never going to fire Mueller,” said Trump. “I never suggested firing Mueller.”

Stephanopoulos attempted to insert a comment about McGahn’s testimony, but Trump didn’t let him finish. “I don’t care what he says,” Trump snapped. “It doesn’t matter.” After Trump completed his tirade, Stephanopoulos tried again, asking what incentive McGahn would have had to lie under oath. “Because he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer,” said Trump.

It seems like Don McGahn is now somewhere between stage “Mr. Cohen is an attorney who worked for many clients” and “Michael Cohen is a rat.” Shading toward rat.

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