Trump team's new rule would allow federal contractors to discriminate based on religious grounds

Who’s at risk?

The Trump regime made it official Wednesday: Federal contractors can discriminate against people on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, or LGBTQ status. If the rule from the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs clears the public comment period and manages to defeat the inevitable litigation that will be raised against it, it would mean that federal contractors—of whom there are some 430,000—would be allowed to, say, fire a lesbian solely on the grounds of their religious objections to her sexual orientation. A woman pregnant without being married might also be fired on these grounds.

One more example of Trump and his minions doing what they can to retreat on civil rights protections, all to firm up elements of his voter base.

While federal contractors must have a “religious purpose” to be able to discriminate on religious grounds under the new rule, Dominic Holden reports:

But the Trump administration makes clear in the draft rule that a corporation needn’t focus entirely on religion to qualify, saying, “The contractor must be organized for a religious purpose, meaning that it was conceived with a self-identified religious purpose. This need not be the contractor’s only purpose.”

“A religious purpose can be shown by articles of incorporation or other founding documents, but that is not the only type of evidence that can be used,” says the rule, which grants companies many opportunities to claim that faith or morals guide their purpose.

When the draft discrimination rule was rolled out, critics said that it was targeted at undermining President Barack Obama’s executive order of five years ago that barred contractors from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. Others have suggested that it could be used to discriminate against people of minority faiths, against divorcées, and perhaps even on the basis of race.

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