After calling Baltimore 'disgusting' and 'rodent infested,' Trump heads to the city today

It’s time for the House Republican retreat, where the caucus comes together to again decide what to give to rich donors and what to take from everyone else.

About a month ago, Donald Trump launched into yet another of his inexplicable tirades when he declared that Baltimore was a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.” (We actually can explain it a bit: Democratic House Rep. Elijah Cummings is conducting multiple investigations into Trump’s potentially criminal, almost certainly impeachable behavior and Donald has repeatedly responded to threats from non-white House members by declaring that they represent corrupt and “disgusting” hellholes.)

Now Donald Trump is coming to Baltimore, because that’s where House Republicans had scheduled their latest congressional retreat. Will it be awkward? Good question!

The Baltimore Sun notes in a somewhat cheeky write-up that Trump’s visit is “motivating protestors” and will likely “snarl rush-hour traffic.”

“Neither the White House nor city officials have provided a timeline of the president’s arrival,” says the Sun, running down a list of protests from Thursday through Friday that you, dear reader, might happen to accidentally stumble upon if you happen to ignore advice to avoid the sure-to-be-congested area.

The Republican retreat, headlined by a “president” who blasted the city for no other reason than an attempt to discredit yet another investigation into his dealings, will be at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel in Harbor East from Thursday through Saturday. Trump will be arriving this afternoon for his planned dinner speech, and is expected to flee like a little coward afterward without making any other appearances or doing any sightseeing.

So won’t that be fun. Baltimore city officials and residents seem eager to hear whether Trump will have anything more to say about their city while he’s in town. It’s possible House Republicans might want to weigh in with their own thoughts on Baltimore, if reporters happen to catch them sliding in and out of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel to other nearby destinations, so we should watch for that too.

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